VendingTower has it's own sales program software. With this app you can easily keep track on the sales figures per site/area or overall. It also calculates the new refill date per site. What would be the best flavor combination? How much commission i have paid or need to pay to the site owner? It's all to track in the app. You can also use it on your smart phone. This way you have already done the administration before you reached home after refilling.

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The Tower Vendors gives you endless opportunities. The Pringles Vending Tower has different ways to exploit and make the perfect income for you.

Most Vending businesses in the UK gives you hard Franchise packages or want to sell you sites. They sell you a site including the Tower vendor and stock. They have to make profit on all three items; on the sales department, on the Tower Vendor and on the stock they are selling you.
Of course this is a possibility, but how can people behind the phone knows if site is good or not? There is only one way to find out: Place the vendor and see what it does. Most operators have to replace the vendor after a couple of weeks because the site is not selling enough. But they already paid for the site in the package.
Maybe the promise you a new site for free, but still is the question how do they know the new site is good?
Here is the answer: They don’t, they guess…
Meantime are you keeping on replacing the vendor till it has found a good site.

IC Trading is working different. You know your region better then who else. We don’t calculate sales costs and profit. We don’t calculate stock and profit. We sell you the hardware (the vendor) and you can fill in the rest yourself.
It’s easier for you to find a possible good site then anybody else. The right site needs the right products. Use our empty plastic cup and fill the cup with products the site wants.
You don’t have to buy stock of 10 different products that are provide by the franchise concept. No, just take enough stock for your sales; don’t invest in stock that is not selling.
We can help you with giving you the best possible sites in branches, but you know better then who else the potential sites. We invest in a perfect vendor, so you can easily find the right site.
Make a request on a possible quantity of Tower vendors and we quote you a price that shall be much cheaper then the franchise business. Open and shared business is far more profitable then franchise business who needs to calculate all costs plus profit.
IC Trading is giving you 2 year guarantee on all products!

VendingTower – Just twist & enjoy!
The Vending Tower is designed by IC Trading and is created to sell tins with Pringles chips. The Vending Tower is also suitable for tins of the same size with other snacks such as nuts, olives and candy. The Vending Tower has been very popular in several countries for some time now. Click here and read more about the Vending Tower.
  IC Trading
IC Trading is a Dutch company with an international scope. IC Trading has a lot of knowledge and experience with different vending machines and is producer of the Vending Tower, also known as the Pringles Tower.
The Vending Tower and you
All over Europe there are still thousands of potential sites for the Vending Tower. If there are possibilities in your region to make the Vending Tower a success, on a small or large scale, please contact IC Trading. The Vending Tower is available per container, per pallet or per piece. Click here for further information.
  Contact information
 If you are interested in the Tower vendor please contact IC Trading by phone +31 (0) 614 871 913 or fill in the contact form. You will be contacted by IC Trading

Now available at €0.095 per piece
Plastic cups in the sizes of a Pringles can for the VendingTower / Pringles vending dispenser. This kind of cup is made of PP Plastic and is especially for food-products or other products. It is easily to fill up the cups yourself or by a machine.
Besides that there are many products that are suitable for this kind of cup, for example; candy, nuts, mini cars etc.
The purpose of this cup is that it can bring the right products to the right selling point. Therefore it is possible to sell baked cake to offices or mini cars to children playgrounds. Different customers prefer different contents. With this cup it is possible to sell also other famous brands.
If you wish we can advice you what kind of products are interested for your locations (selling point). Think about the possibilities!

Interior dimensions
Capacity: 375ml
Hight: 83,5mm
Diameter: 75,2mm

Exterior dimensions
Hight: 87,6mm
Diameter: 79mm (Lid)
Diameter: 77,7mm (cup)

See here a picture of the empty cup.